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August 1, 2006

More views needed…….

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1.What do people think about how LEBANON this “fragile democracy” has handle themselves in this crisis?

2. Should they be praised for their resistance not to be sucked in to this military situation?

3. Would Israel have adopted the same option if Lebanon had equal military capabilities?

4. Did Israel declared “WAR” on Lebanon? If so why is Lebanon not fighting?

5. What evidence have we been shown so far to indicate that Syria and Iran are behind this latest disaster? (Remember how Iraq was suppose to be a threat to world peace cuz they possess WMD and had links to Al-Qaeda) To this day cannot be proven!!!

Comments please



  1. Interesting idea given this turmoil is likely to affect everyone of us.
    Accepting the fact that Israel has the right to defend itself and its right to exist, the degree of damage and suffering its inflicting on Lebanon is beyond comprehension. Whilst I dont claim to be an expert on the situation in the middle east, I do feel that the best way to peace is through negotiations. This is clearly borne out by the british government approach with the IRA. I find it somewhat baffling that the British government has wholeheartedly supported the military strike in the manner it is being executed. If it truly believe in this kind of strategy, why then did it not exercise the same option? I watched yesterday as Prime miniter Blair delivered his speech on the national TV network. Putting the rethoric aside, he made some very interesting point. I agree that the western democracies has to re-think their strategy in so far as the middle east is concerned. He pledge his allegiance to the state of Israel ” I will not risk the security of Israel”.
    What would be interesting to know is how far he will go not to do that. He speaks of democratising the middle east areas of moderate muslim nations. What he meant is that they can have democracy, so long as its the western type and is managed by the super power of the US with its staunch ally the UK. This is coming from a prime minister of a country that put aside his country’s differences and work towards de-militarising the IRA and negotiated with them. So why not ask that “Hammas” does the same.( What do you think Mr Blair?)I find it a bit rich coming from you that we should not negotiate with “terrorist”.
    Another disturbing issue. During thjis conflict as you rightly pointed out. All Isrealis officials who has appeared on our TV screen has justified their military stance by asking the question ” what would you do if your country was being rocketed and your soldiers were kidnapped”? I tell you what – we would respond proportionately. Now let me also tell you. If any part of UK was being “occupied” by anyone. The response you get will be ten times worst than what you are inflicting on your neighbours.
    Mr Blair in his speech gave the inpression that only he understands the predicament of Israel. Surprise! surprise! what about the predicament of the palestine people? Not a mention.
    For as long as America and UK adopt a policy of uneven-handedness, support Israel at all cost and ignore the “Root Cause” of the problem, peace in the middle east will remains a dream for many years to come. The same democracy that elected Mr Blair is at odds with his stance on the middle east issue. He was elected to serve the people of Britain and we expect him to serve us in a fair and just way, putting the interests of his nations above all else and be an honest broker in the eyes of the wider world.
    I rest my case

    Comment by Ishmael — August 2, 2006 @ 1:06 pm

  2. Ishmael:
    Thanks for your comment. You ahve brought up some very interesting points. Please keep commenting.

    Comment by express your views — August 2, 2006 @ 3:45 pm

  3. hi

    first of all what is not right in the conflict is ,how on earth we talk about democracy all day long ,freedom of expression and press and we see that the country attacking and killing in lebonnan contol the media of the world.How can you explain that one group one religion ,one people control all the mass media ,where ever you go in this world .Most of the newsmen covering the war are impartial because they are jews .I can undestand,like microsoft is push not to dominate and have the monopoly of this domaine we have to make sure that the jews don’t have only for themselves the monopoly of global communications who control the minds control evrything they make the opinion .For the interest of the the so call domoncracy the western world is talking about ,which by the way came from africa like all the basical values of the western civilization throughtout ancien egytp , the kemets .

    Comment by lampfall — August 8, 2006 @ 8:17 am

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