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August 4, 2006


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Comments are invited about the proposed solution to the Arab-Isreali crisis.

Is a “Two State” solution the best way forward?

Does this address the “root cause” of the problem?

Any suggestions or proposal on what will work?

Please contribute!!!!



August 1, 2006

More views needed…….

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1.What do people think about how LEBANON this “fragile democracy” has handle themselves in this crisis?

2. Should they be praised for their resistance not to be sucked in to this military situation?

3. Would Israel have adopted the same optionĀ if Lebanon had equal military capabilities?

4. Did Israel declared “WAR” on Lebanon? If so why is Lebanon not fighting?

5. What evidence have we been shown so far to indicate that Syria and Iran are behind this latest disaster? (Remember how Iraq was suppose to be a threat to world peace cuz they possess WMD and had links to Al-Qaeda) To this day cannot be proven!!!

Comments please

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